Icelandic Trademark Holding, the owner of the „Icelandic „and „Icelandic Seafood“brands and Margildi have signed a licence-agreement for marketing and sale of Fish Oils under the brand „Icelandic Fish Oil“ for the US market.   According to plans it is estimated that sales and distribution will commence later in the year.

Margildi specialises in producing high quality, good tasting Fish oils (Omega-3) from Icelandic pelagic fish species.   Patented production technique enables Margildi to almost double the utilization of the crude oil by producing for human consumption instead of the traditional usage, aquaculture.   Margildi´s aim is to increase the consumption of Omega-3 in liquid form as a dietary supplement but also points out the unique feature the fish oil has as food ingredient.

Icelandic Trademark Holding is the owner and service partner for the „Icelandic „and „Icelandic Seafood “brands focuses on high quality products with Icelandic origin and manages the marketing of the brands and service toward its license holders and Icelandic producers in markets such as US, South Europe and Iceland.

„ We are very excited with the co-operation with Margildi and the chance to market their high-quality products under our strong „Icelandic “brand.   There is an increased awareness for Iceland with consumers as well as for Icelandic products and this has given us vastly improved opportunity for market growth as well as helping companies to have a brand and packaging which indicate its Icelandic origin „says Herdis Fjeldsted Chairwoman of Icelandic Trademark Holding.  „In addition, having the strength to identify themselves with the origin and the image Iceland has with reference to its Nature, Purity and Sustainability, it is a great opportunity to enter the US Omega-3 market considered to have a value of 1,2 US Billion.   Market research has shown that smaller Brands that can relate to „Natural „or „Organic“have more growth in the market place as well as having great potential on the internet sales platform.“ Says Herdis.

Margildi enters contract with KeyNatura



KeyNatura and Margildi, which cooperated closely in development of the high functional supplement product AstaLýsi, have made a sales and marketing agreement. 

KeyNatura´s CEO Sjöfn Sigurgísladóttir and Margildi’s CEO Snorri Hreggviðsson signed the contract at The Iceland Ocean Cluster.

AstaLýsi is an innovative and unique blend of natural Icelandic Astaxanthin and Herring fish oil (Omega-3)Health benefits of fish oils are well known and now the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin has been added. AstaLýsi supports heart, vision and brain as well as increase endurance and recovery.

KeyNatura is a dynamic biotech business, located in one of the most pristine environments on earth – Iceland. Their focus is a pure, natural form of the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin, produced from microalgae using exciting new technology and sustainable resources.


Fisherman offers Margildi´s Herring fish oil

Margildi and Fisherman have made an agreement to cooperate in marketing and sales of Margildi´s Herring Fish oil on the Icelandic retail market concentrating on high end specialty stores.

Fisherman is a passionate first hand seafood producer with Fish shop & Kitchen in Reykjavik and seafood products in high end supermarkets and gourmet stores like e.g. Hagkaup and Frú Lauga.  Fisherman offers fresh fish product line, that includes fillets, fresh fish meals, sauces for fish, herring omega-3 fish oil, dried and canned goods in many of the best gourmet shops in Reykjavík.

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